Friday, November 28, 2008

Penn State: What's Happening?

At one time Penn State had a reputation of being the a great employer, whether you worked at the main campus or one of the branch campuses.
If you talk to workers now, you'll find a full spectrum of opinions. Some of the long-timers that have been here for over ten years say that Penn State, as an employer, has slipped. Some say fallen.
There's a couple reasons for this. Other employers in the area have made efforts to retain their staff members with better pay.
Penn State leadership would counter that the University offers more quality-of-life benefits. This is debatable. A lot of companies and startups are offer improved quality-of-life... flex scheduling, gym use, vacation and sick leave, etc.
For the first time, quality people are leaving the university, looking for jobs outside Penn State. And this has continued even in the current treacherous economic conditions.