Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Change Is Coming to Penn State

When President-elect Barack Obama becomes President Barack Obama, it won't just be the nation that faces change. Penn State employees will have the best chance to change their own economic destiny.

President Obama was widely supported by the staff of the University. Tens of thousands crowded the Hub lawn to hear him speak. There was even talk that University president Graham Spanier not only consulted with the Obama team, but also was a rumored pick as Secretary of Education.

Those rumors were quickly dashed when news of riots and a questionable financial picture flooded the media, no doubt.

It's now time for Dr. Spanier and the numerous employees and staff members who supported President Obama to embrace the change that is coming to labor relations in America and at Penn State. President Obama has had a pro-labor voting record and plans to take this stance into his term of office.

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So I owe those unions. When their leaders call, I do my best to call them back right away. I do not consider this corrupting in any way; I do not mind feeling obligated toward home health-care workers or toward teachers. I got into politics to fight for those folks, and I am glad a union is around to remind me of their struggles.

It is time for workers at Penn State to take command of their economic future. It is time for workers at Penn State to have an equal voice in the matters that concerns the University, to share in its successes and failures.

It's time for change at Penn State.

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