Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Parking Prediction

Penn State employees pay to park.
And it's not for convenience.
In the University's push to create a pedestrian campus, they forgot to create the necessary spaces on the edges of campus that would make the walk to work more convenient. So, most parking is slapped at the edge--the very hinterland--of campus, near the Bryce Jordan Center. Or, workers can brave the suicidal traffic in one of the parking decks.
For this, staff members pay over $400 a year. Recently, when Penn State raised salaries a paltry 2 percent, they yanked up parking fees over 10 percent.
There's no employer in the region that forces their employees to pay these types of exorbitant rates.
Parking has become a source of revenue for the University.
There are already rumors that parking fees will go up and some lots that were free will now require permits.
Why should we be surprised?

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