Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thankful Is A Two-Way Street

By now you've heard the corporate mantra--you should just be thankful you have a job.
And we should.
By now, we've heard a couple of comments like this one, which appeared as a comment to the CDT story:

The point is, you're a bunch of whiners, but you know you have the best gig and can't leave. Appreciate it!

Your job security should be worth an extra few grand to you -- because there's not many other places looking to hire whiners right now!

Penn State staff is often portrayed as a bunch of pampered slackers. But, it hasn't been my experience, the slacking is no more rampant than in other jobs, I suspect. Probably less so, because most of these critics probably don't understand the depth of the bureaucracy at Penn State and the lack of leadership.
Each year students come to the Penn State system in record numbers, each year Penn State staff is pushed to the brink of capacity.
Don't sell yourselves short. The University could not run without you.
The leadership at Penn State should be thankful, too.

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