Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spanier Continues To Justify Moves

President Spanier released a video and message explaining the cost-cutting moves. (This type of obsessive reaction seems to be based on a genuine fear of the backlash this is generating.)

There seems to be some good news for Penn State staff:

  • No job cuts, per se. (For the time being.)

  • No cut in retirement funding.

  • No hike in parking fees. (The current costs are unfair already.)

  • No hike in health care costs. (Nationwide, the costs are moderating.)

How long will these last? As long as we are cut off from these discussions, as long as staff continue to make themselves subservient to leadership whims, these could be cut at any time.

Here's the video. I'd like to hear some comments.

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    Anonymous said...

    No job cuts? Lie, lie, lie! Hospitality services eliminated jobs shortly afterward. Allegedly, 12 jobs in Ag disappeared. Salary freeze? Lie, lie, lie! Some people received significant mid year raises in Administration middle management. And now there are tactics to get people to leave to justify Administration positions staying. Pathetic.